When to know that you have learned enough and it is time to start making projects

Hello Guys. I am currently focusing on web development. I have tried multiple courses, but always fail in the middle, not because of lack of motivation, but because of frustration. Whenever I go online and search web development, there is just too much info. I feel pressured, and do not know where to begin. Even if I try a course, I feel that it is very basic, and has missed on so much more information. I am still stuck on html. Please give me a somewhat blueprint on how to go about this feeling.

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Hello @tera3774832443, welcome to the forums! Even if you only to a little, you can start projects. If you’re doing HTML, start a local (on your computer) project. See how far you can get. Then, see where you’d like to improve. If you really want to focus on the styling/frontend, find out ways to do that. Typically, one learns CSS first; so they can style webpages effectively. Or, if you’d prefer to learn how to handle data, etc-look at backend courses.
I hope this helps!


Just a little bit confused how to interpret those seemingly contradictory statements in your post.

What I can suggest is to check if there is a project that you could possibly do for your family and then your friends, or even for someone that you like. Ask them.

I learned laptop and cellphone repair skills because I started with repair/recovery of family’s and relatives gadgets.

Personally I understand what that feels. I am highly motivated to be good at math and science, you can thank star trek and star wars for that, but highly frustrated all the time by how hard it gets to break in to each stage of complexity in these fields, e.g. making the jump from algebra to calculus, or making the jump from calculus to vector analysis. I have stayed up all night studying for a test because no matter how much I read I could not understand the material and still didnt understand the material by the time I had to take the test and unsurprisingly failed. I understood these concepts eventually. Enlightenment may not come overnight. They can take away everything you have but they cannot take away your knowledge and your skills and your passion.

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Welcome to the forums!

I totally understand with the feeling of being overwhelmed. That said, I think the only way to move forward in one’s learning is to venture out on your own & do your own projects. Is there something that you’re interested in creating? Do it! put your skills to work. If you don’t finish the project or it takes awhile, then that’s okay b/c you’re still learning. As you build up skills you’ll move further and further along. :slight_smile:

I use projects to learn, when I think I have a good understanding in something, I do a project to test my skill, and improve it.

@tera3774832443 I feel like this is just for you: https://frontendplayground.io

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Hey Tera

This is not weird, I had exactly the same problem in the beginning. This is something, like a language, in the beginning you will have to struggle thru this.

Me, I did Html, than CSS, javascript, now fullstack, … sometimes only now, questions that I had starting in html get answerd.

This is a skill you need to learn to, to stay calm untill you find the answer (there is no guarantee you will find it :wink: ). But i can promise you, the feeling will change!