When should I start exploring projects?

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I just started learning Python on Codecademy.

I discovered a page called ‘Explore Projects’ on the website. This page says that some projects are ‘Portfolio Ready’.

Does this mean I have completed enough lessons to start the projects?

I don’t fufill the requirements, so I am unsure what it means.

When do you recommend starting a personal project?

Well, if you look at the project and have no idea what it entails, then I’d say you’re not to that point yet.
What part of the Python course are you at now?
There are smaller projects that build on skills throughout the course that lead to the larger projects. So, I’d suggest not jumping ahead just yet. There’s no point speeding through the course either.

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Thanks @lisalisaj for the advice!

I’ve only just started the course. I didn’t know about the mini projects, so I’ll make sure to check those out.

Have a good day!

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