When is the right time to learn css?

Hello! I would need an advice. When is the right time to learn css, after mastering html or is better to learn both simultaneous? Thanks!

Hi, and welcome to the forums.

When working with HTML, chances are that you will get into contact with CSS eventually too.

I feel like learning them together is better, however I would say that knowing the basics of HTML first could make it a bit easier.

Tree Analogy:

You can think about HTML and CSS as a tree.
HTML acts like the tree itself, its branches for example.
CSS is the leaves and flowers that make it look better/ more appealing.
Without the leaves a tree can still stand, but without the tree, the leaves will just fall to the ground.


It makes perfect sense. Thank you!
One more question, if I may? I havr reached to 50% of css course but i feel like i am allready forgetting some of the lessons. I believe it is better to practice after every 2 or 3 chapters. Am I rght?

Practicing does help a lot.
You can also create your own test website on your local machine to make it a bit easier.
Have a look at: How to Create your own HTML files.

You don’t have to practice every chapter, but you can if you want to.
Understanding how things work, makes it easier to remember, and even if you forget something after you understand it, you will most probably remember again after a quick internet search on how it works.

Also remember, you can always go back to courses you have already completed and read through them again.


i have made some small super basic projects using VS CODE. Thanks a lot for the replies!