When is the Python course changing?

I’ve got some pupils working through the Pythonc course for their Duke of Edinburgh “Skills” section and some are around 20% completed. They’re now getting a message warning that the course is to be sidelined and replaced (hopefully with Python 3, but that’s an aside).

Thing is, the only “dates” I can find are “2016 Q4” for ending the current course and “2017 Q1” for launching the new one. Do they have time to plough through the existing course? If we knew it was live until Dec 31st then that may be possible. If it’s Dec 10th then obviously not.

Are there any more specific dates anywhere?

Hey @mrpurdie,

I can’t speak as to specific dates I’m afraid, but I would hazard to say that you should be fine with your course on that timeline. :slight_smile: