When is roblox LUA going to be added?

when are we getting LUA for roblox? i know how much people love LUA in roblox and i do too. maybe add courses for the beginner things and then for experienced you have to use pro. but if codecademy is not going to add roblox lua coding then people will have to wait for high school, middle school, 5th grade or college.

There have been several other people asking about LUA, like here for example:

We need Lua - Community / Suggestions; Feature and Course Requests - Codecademy Forums

It’s not currently on the roadmap, as far as I am aware.

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Roblox Lua is going to be hard to add, since normally with codecademy you are provided coding assignments in which codecademy executes and determines if it is right or not. For that to work, they would either have to

  • a( implement Roblox’s studio editor and such or
  • b( implement an emulation of Roblox’s studio editor.

Also I don’t know if Roblox would take kindly to Codecademy adding Roblox’s engine to their programming practices.

Kind of like how JavaScript has jQuery which is an add-on, Roblox Lua uses Lua with add ons to the language.

The Lua language was built to be extended upon (according to Lua itself). Roblox adds functionality to Lua with functions
and objects having the ability to manipulate the game area. Since I don’t think the core functions and programming instructions/syntax is changed, I recommend learning Lua then going to roblox’s devforum and learning the extra things Roblox implemented themself.

I agree here, it would be probably be better for CC to add a basic LUA course (should they choose to) before a course centered on using someone else game engine with the language. For example, probably better to learn JS before trying to learn Phaser, Python before Tkinter, and C++ before Unreal.

I could see jumping straight into using a game engine before providing knowledge of the language resulting in more confusion than good. That being said, should they choose to add a Lua course, they could then better teach different applications for it in more specific courses.

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