When is a good time to start working on "Personal Projects" while taking the Full Stack Engineering course?

What is your story on using codecademy and how far did it take you?
I started a couple weeks ago on the course Full-Stack Engineering course. I wanted to know for people who have completed it , Did you start personal projects after or during learning the course?

Given the fact that I had already experience in development before, I started whilst doing the full-stack engineering course. But it really depends honestly, if you find it hard then I would suggest doing it towards the end, if you find it easy then sure do it while doing the course.

A personal project is a good way to practice what you learned hence I chose to do it while in the course.

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Thank you, I think I like a challenge and will attempt starting a personal project while learning.
I just have no idea how far that’s going to go since it feels like I barely touched the surface.

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