When I used "step" my output did not have the up/down arrows. What am I doing wrong?

      <label for="amount">How many would you like?</label>

      <!--Add your code below-->

      <input name="amount" type="number" step="1">

Hey there @java1284686805!!

Several browsers have the arrows hidden, so I would try hovering over the <input> box with your cursor. You should see two small grey arrows on the right hand side.

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Interesting, on Edge , menu -> more - there is an option to launch the tab you are on to Internet Explorer. I tried that and Microsoft wanted to install Edge again, because Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Evidently I do not have the latest version of Edge, but I soon will. My laptop is 2 months old and already out of date. The newest and proper version of Edge has an icon that looks similar to a wave. If your icon is the older ā€œeā€ look, it is not correct. Thanks for your response 8-bit-gaming!

I can confirm. Make sure your Edge software is updated. Updating my software fixed this issue.

Updating the Edge browser to current resolved the issue

I think this goes to highlight how important browser compatibility is in the user experience while designing websites.

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