When I type in my cases my default keeps coming up, It says i passed the lesson but something isn't right and I've tried it without the quotations as well. update only the last two do that


    case'very weak':
        console.log("Did you really think you had strength, you couldn't be more wrong");
    case'kinda weak':
        console.log("You have a long way to go before you can face me.");
    case'average strength I guess':
        console.log("Average enough to get you killed, STAND DOWN.");
    case'I mean I"m kinda strong':
        console.log("Well ■■■■ i wasn't tryna come at you crazy or nothing");
    case'I"m strong as f**k':
        console.log("One question,can I be one of your henchmen, I didn't know you were so strong and I'm sorry if I said something out of line.");
        console.log("You didn't answer my question correctly, okay then you must be a weakling and now I'll proceed to grinding your bones to make my bread");

Replace this line with your code. 



var user = prompt("Here your text");


Please give us the link to you lesson.


Hi i found your lesson.
Could it be that your code fom the lesson before looks like this

var user = prompt("Your text here").toUpperCase();

or like this

var user = prompt("Your text here").toLowerCase();

Than the cases must be upper cases or lower cases.


var user= prompt("You think you are strong, but how strong exactly?").toLowerCase();


I thought they meant that it would turn all characters lowercase when you typed in your prompt answer.


You rigth but this will never work

 case'average strength I guess':

because you have the I uppercase so it's better if you remove the .toLowerCase() if you want it to work or you can change it to

case'average strength i guess':


Remove is a bad idea :slight_smile:


So He Will do

you can change it to
case'average strength i guess':


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