When I print out TreeNode class object, what does it print?

If I have an instance of the class below, since its constructor has a value and a list, if I print it out, what does it print? a value or a list?

URL is below

# Define your "TreeNode" Python class below

class TreeNode:

  def __init__(self, value):

    self.value = value

    self.children = []

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Did you try? You can find some basic details at the following-

Without adding your own __str__ or __repr__ it’ll probably default to the following (quote from the link):
“otherwise the representation is a string enclosed in angle brackets that contains the name of the type of the object together with additional information often including the name and address of the object”.
By adding a __str__ method you could get a nice pretty print version which returns what you want but you’d need to add that code yourself. __repr__ is another option but it is used more for debugging with ithe ideal output being something you could use to recreate that object by calling eval() on the output string. Details-

It’s just the address of that instance that is printed out.
Like this: <main.TreeNode object at 0x7f11e2290ee0>
If you want to print its value or its list, you have to define repr