When I copy and paste, It shows a long line of code rather than paragraph form

When I copy and paste a paragraph from my Fashion Blog project it shows up on a long line of code rather than paragraph form.
Below is what I want it to look like.

This is what mine looks like

After copy and pasting, why does mine look long but the one from the Youtube video of the Solution shows theirs being in paragraph form how can I get mine like that?

Hi, @keshiawebster3765973 welcome to the forums.

Can you please give us a link to the exercise?



Thanks for the link. I am taking a closer look at the screenshots you provided in the OP but they look identical. Can you make sure they are the right screenshots? Also, can you provide your full code?

Thank you for looking. I just edited it. I am trying to Copy and Paste this paragraph.

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It’s showing up on one line rather than looking like a paragraph like the Solution shows. So I have to scroll all the way over to see the rest of the paragraph, rather than it being on 5 different lines like the Solution Example shows.

I see now. You can just hit enter where you see fit in the code editor. (It wont affect how it displays on the page)

When I press “enter” it puts it on another line and number, but when the Solution did theirs, it looks like it’s still technically on line “8” does that matter?



No, it does not matter. Projects are meant to ‘test’ your knowledge. They are meant for you the learner to see what you can do by yourself.

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Thank you!
I will press Enter now since it’s easier for me to read in paragraph form rather than on one whole line. :slight_smile:

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Normally when you type something out by hand it will auto line wrap but in the CC code editor, it will not. Its not that big of a deal in most languages thought.

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