When does JS officially go offline?


I haven't been able to find a set date and I'm not sure if my progress will be transfered to their new JS program, it would suck to have to start all over.


new JS is completely different course. In my opinion, it is less detailed and repetitive, compared to the old one. It is basically recycled old course, but information presented in a bit different order. New is broken in two courses, and second part will come out sometime later. You can see first part of it already up on the site.
I have no idea about the date, so just hurry to work through it now or copy the text(I prefer OneNote for study notes) and work through it later with codepen.io, for example.
the info I wrote can be a bit inaccurate, but this is how things are in my understanding.

P.S you should post questions like that in main forum, if you want to get answers. you posted it under the Objects I topic for the course, here people discuss current lesson "I have to celebrate you baby".


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