When do Support staff check emails?

Would put this in the Support section if I was allowed, but I can’t. My bank has blocked my card because according to them, Codecademy did something weird with my account that doesn’t match what it says in the Billing section (Billing says a successful zero-value transaction was made, bank says an unsuccessful transaction for a small amount of money was made). Emailed Codecademy Support last night when I found this out (because my card got declined for another online payment for which I had funds), but don’t know how soon they’ll respond, given that it’s the weekend now. Can’t last the weekend without drawing money as I have no cash on me and am out of toilet paper. Am I likely to get an answer out of Codecademy Support today or will I have to take my passport to the bank to draw cash?

Hi @saxonmaiden

Sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty, but there’s nothing we can do re: billing here on the forums.

If you haven’t already, you can contact Codecademy Support by clicking here and submitting a ticket. I think that Codecademy aims to respond to tickets within 48 hours (I seem to remember reading that somewhere before, but can’t find it now so apologies if I’m wrong), but I don’t know whether this factors in the weekend.

In the meantime, I suspect that there’s very little that Codecademy could do to have your card unfrozen by your bank so I think you may need to visit them anyway. :slight_smile:

As I already said in the original message, I have contacted them. If they could tell me what was going on, I could reply to my bank’s texts and maybe get my card automatically unfrozen without having to go to the bank. Hence the question to find out whether they are likely to reply today.

Ah, apologies for the confusion. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a vague memory of seeing somewhere that CC Support try and get back to people raising tickets within 48 hours. Since I can’t put my finger on precisely where I read it, I can’t be sure that it remains the case I’m afraid.

@alyssavigil are you able to help any further here? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my delay here. @saxonmaiden have you heard back? If not I’ll go bug the support team for you today.

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