When comparing data split up into sections, do you use separate graphs?

I have data split by region. I want to graph them to compare the lines of best fit for each. Would it be better to include separate graphs for each, or put them all on one graph?

I don’t think there’s a strict answer. Fewer graphs are generally better where possible but if you obscure part of the information you’re trying to convey by doing so then perhaps it’s not such a good idea. Several lines are unlikely to be too much of an issue but several lines and a scatter might be too chaotic to properly understand. It depends on what exactly is being plotted.

You could consider plotting with a different system e.g. dashed lines which are easier to see through or perhaps partial transparencies could be used for similar effect. If the intercept is unimportant perhaps offsets could be used? If you’re forced into separate graphs then perhaps consider binding them in some way so it’s four graphs in one figure/image and reusing one or more of the axes.

Which would suggest that all the sets have something in common, as a comparison base. It would be wise to compare similar graphs using the same representation for each. Four colored lines set against two common axes is easy to legend.

If I had to choose the most important thing I want to show when plotting, it would be the rate of change (the line of best fit) for each region.

They are different colors, so I think that solves this problem.

Assuming you’re talking about how my graphs are set up (axes, data formatting), each compares the average charge for each year of age per region.

I have 4 colored lines, though it looks messy with the scatter points graphed. Would it be taking away from the presentation to just graph the lines of best fit and not the points? I already set up a legend for each line.

Not if you showed the four scatter plots in the appendix and only gave the 4 lines of best fit in your presentation slide.

I must confess that all my knowledge of graphing comes from high school and college entry level calculus. My opinion is based on whether I was in the room looking at the graph in the presentation.

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