When coding, the website keeps disconnecting to the Code Academy network

When using the code editor, the website keeps losing and regaining its connection to the network, which is extremely infuriating when I’m trying to learn. What can I do to stop this?

Same here. It loses connection all the time. Also it keeps telling me the code is wrong and when I check the solution it is exactly the same - this happens when I copy paste part of it rather than type it entirely.

Loading the page does help sometimes but not often enough to make it less frustrating. And yes, my connection is good and fast, fine to watch movies, play online games, work from home etc. I use Modzilla, would any other be better?


Had the same problem. Tried going back and returning to current page or just replacing my code with the solution code–even if my code was identcal with the solution code. Sometimes, I went to the My Home page and then re-entered the lesson from there.

Finally, I switched from using Microsoft Edge and started using Google chrome browser. This has solved the problem (hopefully!). I am now 12% through the full stack path and haven’t had a problem in a while.


I’ve reloaded the page and checked my internet and it didn’t fix anything. I don’t know what to do.

This only affects code, the lesson is completely readable whether connected or not.

Do you have any extensions installed on your browser?
Did you see this:

You can submit a detailed report here: