When Codeacademy is not enough?

I am a beginner in code and have already completed the HTML, CSS, and about to complete the Javascript part of the web development section. Although the lessons are good, I do not feel that there are enough projects to hone my skills. Is there any place that has projects a beginner can access that challenges my knowledge?


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You are absolutely right! After the lessons getting some practice projects in is a great way to continue learning. I don’t know of any websites that offer HTML challenges though I’m sure they are out there. One of the best way I have seen to find a challenge is to look at some websites for inspiration and try to build something they have on there.

There are also quite a few past challenges that have been hosted by Codecademy, which you could still complete. I believe they can all be found in the #community:featured-challenges category.
Here are a couple:


Great idea. I don’t know why i didn’t think of that. I’ll be looking to see what other websites do

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Also, for pure JavaScript challenges, there are places like codewars, or hackerrank. I think Codewars is also bringing out CSS challenges at some point, but I’m not sure.


Freecodecamp also has a lot of lessons on html, css and JavaScript, and challenges and project ideas as well.

Maybe worth checking out?


Excellente!!! Thanks a lot

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Awesome. thanks my friend

I have been using Freecodecamp alongside Codeacademy and I think it’s really good so definitely check it out!! It has a few projects that you can do and overall the lessons on there are also explained in a clear and simple manner (which is great for when you want to quickly go over some things you already know but just want to refresh your memory a bit)
Best of luck! :smile: