When cloning a repo, when in the process of pushing to origin can collogues review my work?

Hi all,

I’ve just completed this lesson: git push

Basically I cloned the master to my own folder, made a new branch of biology question, then committed it to my own branch in my local files, and then I take my new local-master and push it to origin master (after I fetch to make sure there are not conflicts).

In this case, where exactly is the opening for co-workers to review the work, as spoken about a few lessons prior in git course?


Well done on completing the lesson!

Once you have pushed up to your branch on origin, you would want to create something called a “Pull Request” or “PR”, this is basically saying “Hey, I want to merge the branch with my new feature x into the main branch”. GitHub has a built in review process on these that allows collegues and collaborators to approve those changes, request a change to your code, or leave a comment. Most repositories are set up to require a certain number of approvals before the PR can be accepted and merged.

I would note that for a PR to happen (and just in general when collaborating to avoid conflicts), you would not want to be pushing directly into main/master (whichever name the repo uses), instead you would want to push to a seperate branch specicially for that feature (for example add-navbar would be a good name) and then open a PR from add-navbarmain, where a review could take place. :smile: