When checking code solution, 'codeacademy can't connect'

Front-End DOM Events course

Whenever I try to check the code solution, Codecademy goes offline and I can no longer to do the modules for hours. Very frustrating.

Tried with both Brave and Chrome.

Same just happened to me

Hi there @css0013926210 and @leandri.dwetgmail.co (welcome to the forums!), some of the suggestions in this article might be of help.

I restarted my computer and it worked again

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This is happening way too often now… completely ruining my flow when I’m coding… seriously CodeCademy sort this out

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I restarted my PC, added the exceptions to my ad block as well as cleared cookies and cache and internet data via firefox, and I am still not able to connect.

Welcome to the forums!

Maybe try using Chrome and see if that works, as Codecademy recommends you use Chrome over other browsers. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Customer Service here, you should get a reply within 72 hours.