When are arrays introduced is CS Path?

I’m working through the CS Path, and a term has come up that I don’t think has been explicitly introduced, which is array. I’ve done some searching, and it looks like there are lessons about arrays in JS and C and a few other languages, but I haven’t seen anything about it in Python or conceptually introduced in the CS Path. Or was it really fast and I missed it? Like a sentence in a lesson somewhere that was like “an array is a data structure that is equivalent to a Python list” or something? Anyway, the discussion of hashing relies heavily on the term array, and I can’t find a clear reference for the concept in the cheatsheets.

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It has its own module. It’s the fourth module in CS101. They are called lists in Python and not arrays so that might be your confusion.

Ah, okay! It seemed like what they were saying arrays could do was very similar to Python lists. It’s helpful to have this analogy confirmed. Thank you!

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Yea it’s just a different name. Probably to help people new to programing grasp the concept more easily.

Technically, Python does have arrays as a distinct object from lists: list vs array, Python. But I wouldn’t worry about that too much.