Whatwg-fetch --save for windows

Hi I am working on the ravenous project and I am getting errors not related to my code and I found this error when doing the npm install at the beginning of the project,

It indicates that it is expecting the os to be “darwin” and mine is “win32”
so does any one know how to use this on windows ?

thanks a lot

As long as everything is working, I wouldn’t worry about it. That’s not actually an error. It’s just a warning to let you know that an optional dependency was skipped because it doesn’t apply to your operating system.

yes but I do get this error
** TypeError: util_Yelp__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_10 _.default.searchYelp is not a function**
when everything should work and I’ve double checked my code with the videos
I don’t know what to do,
Right now I’m starting over from scratch and hoping it works

Amazing…Thanks for the information.

I’m also getting this error, were you able to resolve this issue and make the app work?


I did not manage to find the error but I did re do everything from scratch, It was faster the second time and I did not get this error on my second try

Hi! I also received this error and I was able to resolve. It took some troubleshooting, but ultimately it’s just a minor discrepancy between the instructions and the video.

app.js file, my search method now looks like this:

searchYelp (term, location, sortBy) {
    Yelp.search(term, location, sortBy).then(businesses => {
      this.setState({ businesses: businesses });

in the video, he has ‘Yelp. searchYelp’, but my method is just named ‘search’ as the written instructions indicated. Once I changed this to match my search method in the Yelp.js file, it rendered as expected.

Hope this helps someone else!

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