Whats your linux

Just wondering how many people here actually use linux and if so which distro is your favorite. I run Elementary os, because it’s simple to use and very light weight. But I also have ubuntu trusty tahr on my older desktop, apricity and antergos all of which I love. I think antergos and apricity are both beautiful desktop environments and have gone a long way to bring more gui to arch distros, but I am not a fan of having a rolling release on my primary computer.

Rolling release seems to me like the obvious choice for an end-user machine. For a server one would want the system to stay the same and run scheduled updates with no interaction, but for a desktop, what is there to wait for? Avoiding sudden GUI changes? Those are second class citizens in linux-land anyway, to change anything other than the wallpaper one needs to get comfy with the terminal.

Just give me the new stuff as soon as it’s fit for use. Arch all the way. And unlike… let’s see, all? other major distros, it targets only the end user, what’s the next thing that does that, Gentoo? Say hello to maintenance.

Fedora is quite alright, but lags behind by a year or so. That might of course be somebody else’s sweet spot. I run it on my laptop, it’s giving me no reason to change it out.

+1 to Antergos for tearing down barriers without trying to be different from Arch, aspiring developers should look no further.

EDIT: (Arch comes with less baggage that can get in the way of learning linux. Those not interested in development tools might find it more beneficial to stay a little further away from the latest and greatest and stick with something that makes a point of only changing every few years)

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I’m still not all that comfortable the terminal yet I figured antergos would be a good start to a more terminal approach. Yes it is nice to have the most up to date version, but I have read people claiming to have lost important data and also complaining of bugs is the system as well after updates. I just figured with being a Linux noob and not the greatest on the terminal still it would not be a good system to work off of. it is definitely a nice distro though and hopefully one day I’ll be comfortable enough to not worry about having to fix problems after updates

press ctrl + alt + f1 (or f2 instead of f1 if you don’t have runlevel 5), this will give you a terminal interface, good practice :slight_smile:

i use arch as well, never had that problem. But making backups is always wise.

You will get better at linux, just keep practicing :slight_smile:

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@cfecteau1 I’m using Ubuntu Mate currently, but Linux Mint is my favorite distro :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but I know how to use the terminal I just am not great with the commands especially when I use antergos. I’m used to ubuntu/elementary style sudo apt and feel pretty comfortable, but with antergos using sudo pacman or sudo yaourt is a bit hard to get used to. The other probelm I was having is not really knowing which package to get programs from at times. The only real problem I did have with antergos desktop was whenever the computer went to sleep I would have no mouse after waking up until I went to the system settings accessibility section and changed the mouse settings then It would start working again. That was the biggest issue I had other than my on inabilities.

@ zystvan I still haven’t tested out linux mint yet I’ve heard It’s pretty good though. From what I’ve read and seen in most of the review videos, it’s a pretty great OS and has a huge following. Of course the same can be said for a majority of the linux distros out there. They all seem to have their own niches they cater too, I can’t believe that up until a year ago I had never even heard of linux. I just wish I can be half as good as the people that build those systems one day. Maybe even give back with some sort of open source project.

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Yea, pacman gives a lot of options, and it is very different. But yaourt is better then the ppa’s in ubuntu.

practice, it will make you better. Edx has a introduction to linux course, you can audit for free. I am sure there are plenty of more courses. antergos is a bit more advanced then ubuntu, but you should manage

Hm… good practice to solve that problem. see if dmesg gives an error which could explain it and then google it

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i use Ubuntu Mate and i love it :slight_smile: