What's your goal?

You don’t start something without a pre-defined goal. What’s yours?

To code a web based game that I’ve had in my head for the last 30 years.

ooooo. when you make it, tell me please

to become a full stack web dev. then I’ll start working as a freelance developer from home.

nice, mine is to get a good job and a steady flow of income, and to make awesome games and stuff

Can goals change? :grinning:

I originally wanted to do web dev…now I’m flirting with cybersecurity. Right now learning to code is more like a hobby that I will get back to…like learning Russian…and learning to play piano…and some other thing I was trying to learn that I probably forgot about…

Ugh, does anybody have tips on how to manage three different classes in a week when you only have an hour in the early morning five days a week…and you’re barely functional in the mornings?