What's your favorite feature on Codecademy?

In a post below, share why you love using this feature. Also, if you have suggestions for how we can improve said feature––let us know! We’re listening :slight_smile:


I love the community y’all have built here, with many friendly coders willing to help each other achieve their goals. :grinning:

I believe it has already been requested, but some sort of friend type system would be helpful.
It is nice to be able to find a particular person, and perhaps be able to show your profile and activity to them without having to open it to the public.


Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :clap:

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Your welcome!!
How ever I can not take full credit, @sanatnayak2919319079 asked for one about a month ago in the topic
Could you guys add a way to find your friends?


Thank you for doing that!

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Practice Packs.

A larger (and tiered) library of exercises would be neat.


Hey Community,

@lilybird So I was bummed when I learned that the Group Focus Sessions, like the one we had this afternoon, will only continue through October… BUT, after checking out the new Codecademy Chapters, I’m not as sad about losing the focus sessions anymore… love how these Chapters are like Meetup groups managed directly from the Codecademy site.
Already rsvp’ed for a kick-off event that one of the Chapters will have next week.

Also wanted to add my two cents to some feedback on the Codecademy app that was shared at today’s focus session… it would be nice if there was some actual coding practice built into the app, similar to what the Grasshopper app offers.

Thanks for listening :slightly_smiling_face: Keep up the great work!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!!