What's your favorite feature on Codecademy?

In a post below, share why you love using this feature. Also, if you have suggestions for how we can improve said feature––let us know! We’re listening :slight_smile:


I love the community y’all have built here, with many friendly coders willing to help each other achieve their goals. :grinning:

I believe it has already been requested, but some sort of friend type system would be helpful.
It is nice to be able to find a particular person, and perhaps be able to show your profile and activity to them without having to open it to the public.


Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :clap:

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Your welcome!!
How ever I can not take full credit, @sanatnayak2919319079 asked for one about a month ago in the topic
Could you guys add a way to find your friends?

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Thank you for doing that!

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