What's wrong?


var meow = 627/11
var mao = true
var Kappa = 350
var rawr = Kappa/7

for (var i=7; meow>rawr; i+=2) {

while (mao) {
    console.log(" The Kappa is a river demon from Chinese mythology. They have a divot in their head that holds water. The warer keeps them alive.");

do {
    console.log("The Kappa live in rivers and will grab and eat those who mess with their river. You can defeat them by bowing to them. The water pours out, and they turn to stone.");
} while(rawr===Kappa);


This is what seems to be the problem. :slight_smile:


I press save and submit and it freezes


Did you address the problem I pointed out?

Right now it will do that because it is an infinite loop.


I don't understand why it's and infinite loop


You are incrementing i, when you are using meow and rawr in the condition. You should put rawr += 2, instead of i += 2.


oh. okay i'll try it and let you know


It worked! Thank you so much! I even understand what the problem was. :slight_smile: