What's wrong with this code?

Hi - I can’t figure out what’s wrong with this code. It’s saying I need semicolons (but where?) and that I need to define ‘type’ and ‘require’ and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean the English definition. Can you help?

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type is an attribute of the script tag, you made a small mistake assigning the attribute correctly to the opening tag

what lesson is this? If not lesson related, what setup is used?

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I’m embedding a mailchimp code into my wordpress site. Unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t like their original code. This is the original code that I’m trying to fix:

Oops, I already see some of the things I’ve edited incorrectly …

require() is not part of your standard JavaScript, so you can’t just use it

require() is part of nodeJS to load modules. Quite a difference there

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I see that. Using nodeJS doesn’t quite make the code work. So I just can’t use/fix the code?

impossible to say for me, i know some nodeJS/javascript), but without a copy of the problem in which i can fiddle, i have no idea.

If its specific related to wordpress, i would go to the wordpress community

if you really want help here on the forum, i recommend you to make a new topic and include all the important details (its wordpress related, how and where you are running the JS code, and ideally something we can work with, although be it a copy with the bug)


Hi! I don’t know nothing about Wordpress but after a quick search, looks like the problem (and possible fix) is here.


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