What's wrong with this code?


Here is copy/paste of the instruction:
"... like this: drawName(myName, blue);. See what output you get."

I put in:
drawName(AwakenedMuse, blue);

I get a blank white screen and the oops! message.


You should be using your myName variable like this:

drawName(myName, blue);


I can't even get back into the lesson now. I can't see any of the lessons anywhere in my account.

It keeps sending me back to the credit card entry form.

This website is ridiculous.


Here is the link to that exercise:

You should always be able to find what you were working on from this page:


There is no "learn" option on my profile.

When I go back to the front page, it asks me to pay for Pro.


When I follow that "learn" link it takes me to a page that looks like this: