What's wrong with "thegame" code at the bottom?


print 'Welcome to the Pig Latin Translator!'

original = raw_input("What's is your name buddy?")# Start coding here!
if original.isalpha():
print (original)
print "That is not a name"

thegame = raw_input ("Left or Right?")
if answer: "Left"
print "You are correct!"
print "You are so wrong..."



What lesson is this?
Can you describe the error you are experiencing.



The question is not based on any lesson. The OP should realize that we cover lesson related questions in the Q&A, not individual detours from the lesson, which the above clearly is one of.

The OP is advised to stick to the lesson, and follow the instructions given. Be sure to read the lesson text and do any review of concepts that is needed.


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