What's wrong with my elsif statement? Please Help!


Shouldn’t the outcomes be the opposite? I don’t get it, please help me!


gets returns a string with a newline character. Neither input can be cast to a number, so the strings are compared. 1 comes before 4.


Thank you! Is there a way I can make it compare input numbers?


Remove the newline character from the inputs using .chomp


then if they can be cast to numbers the comparison will work. If they remain as strings, then 1 still comes before 4. You may have to cast to numbers manually rather than rely upon coercion.

x = gets.chomp
x = x.to_i

Consider the following…

puts "Enter x"
x = gets.chomp          # 10
puts "Enter y"
y = gets.chomp          # 4

puts x > y              # false  => indicates no coercion (conversion to number)

puts x.to_i > y.to_i    # true


Thank you so much for your help!


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