Whats wrong with my code?


Replace this line with your code. 
var names =["yuvi","Viru","Aditya","Jittu","Vijay"];
for(var i = 0;i < names.length; i ++)
    console.log("I know someone called "+" "+ name[i]);

its says "
 Your code should have printed 'I know someone called yuvi', but didn't. Make sure to type the 'I know someone called ' part exactly right, and don't forget the space between that phrase and the name!"


i would change i ++ to i++ just to be sure. Speaking of spaces, you have two spaces between called and yuvi, after called:


and between the plus signs:


i replaced them with underscores, so you can see them better, one space will suffice, remove one of the two spaces


@stetim94 i corrected to this
var names =["yuvi","Vishnu","Aditya","Jittu","Vijay"];
for(var i = 0;i < names.length; i++)
console.log("I know someone called"+" "+ name[i]);
and theres still error in my code


you use name[i] instead of names[i]


ok i got it its names but i typed name in console.log