What's wrong with my code?


error:Oops, try again. Looks like your object wasn't created properly. Is everything formatted correctly?

  function saveData(){    
    //Initialize our client
    var client = new Usergrid.Client({

//In our options object we set the type of the entitiy
//and we also set any data that goes along with it
//in this case it's the books title.
var options = {
    author:"Frank Herbert"

//Let's create our entity, and display the results
//of the creation in the html element with the id of response
client.createEntity(options, function(error, book){
    if(error) {
        //error saving book
        $("#response").append("There was an error!");
    } else {
        //book saved successfully
        //Use book.get() here to get the properties from the object we just created!
        var uuid = book.get("uuid")
        var author = book.get("title")
        var title = book.get("author")
        $("#response").append("Book saved! Its uuid on our server is: "+uuid+"<br/>");
        $("#response").append("The book you saved was: "+title + "<br/>");
        $("#response").append("It's author is: "+author);




I get the same issue, can someone help?