What's wrong with my code? please help


var user = prompt("are you going to learn java","type YES or NO").toUpperCase();
switch (user){
case 'YES':
var genious = prompt("are you genious","type YES or NO);
var stupid = prompt("are you stupid?","type YES or NO");
if (genious==='YES' || stupid==='NO');
console.log("good keep going");
console.log("you are not able to learn");

    case 'NO':
        var Cprogram = prompt ("do you know Cprogram?","type YES or NO");
        var Cplus= prompt("do you know Cplus?","type YES or NO");
        if (Cprogram ==='YES' && Cplus === 'YES'){


            console.log("not good");
            console.log("Thukula thongedu");



You should close your second string here.

And, remove the semi-colon after the bracket. It's an obstruction.


thank you thank you thank you

thanks a lot
it took half a day..............


You're welcome.

I'm glad I could help. :slight_smile:


after completing this, can i get certificate for this cource?? by writing any exams, something like that


I am not aware of such. It might be available on pro, but also unsure too.


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