What's wrong with code- Please help


I tried few ways but keep getting incorrect output. Can you please help what is wrong with my code for "Imagine you have a movie collection, and you want to write code that returns your review for each one. Here are the movies and your reviews:

"Toy Story 2" - "Great story. Mean prospector."
"Finding Nemo" - "Cool animation, and funny turtles."
"The Lion King" - "Great songs."
Write a function named getReview that takes in a movie name and returns its review based on the information above. If given a movie name not found just return "I don't know!". Use a structure learned in an earlier lesson (NOT if/else statements) to write this function."

var getReview = function (movie) {
switch (getReview) {
case "Toy Story 2":
console.log("Great story. Mean prospector.");
case "Finding Nemo":
console.log("Cool animation, and funny turtles.");
case "The Lion King":
console.log("Great Songs");
console.log("I don't know");

return movie;
getReview("Finding Nemo");


exchange the last two brackets.

end the switch with }
end the function with };

switch body closes before the function ends.


Thanks a lot!! Appreciate