What's wrong?I've tried several times


def the_flying_circus(Tip):
    if Tip==4:    
        print "True"
    elif Tip<4:
       print "False" 
        print "None of the above."
print the_flying_circus(4)
#What's wrong?I've tried several times.

Python excersise The Big If

There can be no argument passed to the function. This should have been indicated in an error message. Just create a comparison expression in each case and have it return True (write it so it does).


So it was.And what should I do?Please do me a favor.


def the_flying_circus(Tip):
    if Tip==4 :    
       return True
    elif Tip<4 and Tip<3:
        return False
        return "none of all above"
print the_flying_circus(4)
#I tried another one,it looks better,but still don't work.
#If I delete the Tip within the brackets´╝îit will return another error"the_flying_circus() takes no arguments (1 given)"


Is this not raising an SCT error? There can be no argument.

def the_flying_circus():

When you call it,

print the_flying_circus()

As for what you use inside the function, that's open. Just satisfy the requirements given in the instructions. Use both logical and comparison operators in a mix of expressions that all return True, even the else:.

This exercise is a perfect opportunity to practice all aspects of conditionals and control flow. The if-elif-else statement, logical and-or-not, and comparative expressions. In other words, go to town dreaming up expressions. Just make sure they return True.

>>> import random
>>> def the_flying_circus():
    tip = random.randrange(10, 35, 5)
    print (tip)
    if tip <= 15:
        return False or True
    elif tip > 20:
        return True and True
        return False or not False

>>> print (the_flying_circus())

Note on random

>>> b = [ random.randrange(10, 35, 5) for x in range(10) ]
>>> b
[25, 15, 25, 30, 20, 20, 15, 15, 10, 10]


IT really work for me.Thanks for you generous and patient.


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