What's wrong in this 3rd condition?

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def graduation_reqs(gpa, credits):

if (gpa >= 2.0) and (credits >= 120):

return "You meet the requirements to graduate!"

if (gpa >= 2.0) and not(credits >= 120):

return "You do not have enough credits to graduate."

if not (gpa >= 2.0) and (credits >= 120):

return "Your GPA is not high enough to graduate. "

if not (gpa >= 2.0) and not (credits >=120):

return "You do not meet either requirement to graduate!"

Do you have a little more information? A link to the lesson and the error code would be very useful. Have a check of the following How to ask good questions (and get good answers) for a little detail on how best to set up a question and details of code formatting for the forums.

Without the error it’s hard to say. It looks like a sensible inversion of the initial suite. Have you double checked the content of the sentence itself?

Logic in this style might benefit from a single if statement followed by elif clauses as it’s a little more efficient and also makes it clear to the reader that this flow of logic is grouped together.

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I’m new, but shouldn’t that be (!gpa) instead of not gpa

No. The not negates the condition gpa >= 2.0. That means if the gpa is, for example, 1, then gpa>=2.0 will return False. The not then negates that to make it True.

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