Whats wrong here?


/*Add your CSS below!*/
p {
 font-family: Garamond;   
body > p {
 font-weight: bold;   

div > p {
    color: #7AC5CD;
li > p {
 color: #000000
 text-decoration: underline;


What're you trying to accomplish?


im trying to get paragraphs within my list to have an underline. But it keeps returning an error code saying "Have you added and underline to your li properties".


You're missing a semicolon at the end of the color property. Without it, it assumes everything past that point is part of that property's new value.


well that was stupid thank you haha


Yep. The smallest things will catch you. Just make sure to check for the small things like that, and you should be fine. Good luck, and happy styling.


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