What's the use?

Hi all.
I’m trying to understand the usefulness of “Command Line”. In the tutorials I was able to work my way all the way through, but I can’t find a use for the information. Is it strictly “web based” usage, or is there some command prompt or Powershell benefit to it?

Most unix-like machines (majority of servers) have bash as their default shell and the GNU utilities that are being used.
I use terminals instead of graphical file explorers/editors/system settings/remote access the huge advantage is that you’re not limited by what buttons you’ve been graced with, it’s far easier to automate and a whole lot of tools are far more available.
On the downside there’s a learning curve and you always need to have a firm idea of what it is you want to do because there are no flashing buttons.

I guess my question wan not clear enough. Are you saying that I need a “server” to find anything useful about “Command Line”? I was thinking it would, somehow, be helpful on a Windows computer. Furthermore: how do you access the bash shell? If you can’t tell this is all new to me, and again I ask, “What’s it good for?”