What's the problem of below


// Below is the greeting function!
// See line 7
// We can join strings together using the plus sign (+)
// See the hint for more details about how this works.

var sayHello = function (name) {
console.log("Hello" + " " + name);

// On line 11, call the greeting function!

"Oops, try again. You did not call the greeting function. Pass it a name!"


You can't call for Emily as you don't have a function name Emily, you are calling for a function so you need to call the functions name.. Don't forget a semi colon at the end


I don't understand, can you say clearly, thx


You named your function name now when you are calling the function you need to call name cos that is what the functions name is..

Read more here


I guess the problem is that you named your function "sayHello" when the exercise asks for a function being named "greeting". So when a test is run on the greeting function the test will get the result that there is no such function.

The use of the parameter name and the argument "Emily" seems to be correct or what do you mean @zainabrawat?