What's the point in using HTML and CSS if you know Bootstrap

Why not just depend on Bootstrap and copy paste stuff. I guess it’s because html and CSS can be more flexible in terms of design.

You are correct there.

Also, although one can design entirely with bootstrap, in the place of HTML and CSS, this is not truly programming, it is more along the lines of kiddy scripting. You copy/paste lines of code because you know they work, but you don’t truly have an understanding of the programming language.
If you desire to build a single wesite quickly because you need it for a buisness, or something similar, than sure copy/paste the code. However if you truly desire to learn web developement, than a solid knowledge of how HTML and CSS work is essential.


“What’s the point in using HTML and CSS if you know Bootstrap”

…because without it you’re likely to be reliant on a Bootstrap template vendor to make anything even vaguely interesting, but won’t have a clue how to assemble the “pieces” that Bootstrap provides yourself? I guess you could copy and paste stuff - but that would require you to find the exact snippet for what you want.

Bootstrap is a collection of “ready to use” web snippets, but it’s all just HTML/CSS/JS that someone else wrote for you. You’d need at least a rudimentary understanding of HTML to assemble something vaguely functional in Bootstrap, probably.

If you were just after an easy way to assemble a web page without having to learn the languages of the web, there’s plenty of site builder tools out there from various hosting providers… and there’s WordPress.


Would the style of my site change depending on Bootstrap, cause I noticed a link to a stylesheet to a Bootstrap href?

Bootstrap uses a set of styles in order to display the way it does. When you link to Bootstrap you are telling it to use their stylesheet, and if any of your elements end up having a valid selector within that stylesheet, than Bootstrap will style them accordingly.

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Ohh that’s wild :+1:

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