Whats the easiest course on codecademy?

HI so i really want to know whats a few easy courses on codecademy? i just want to know :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends what your past knowledge is.

^^ I second that! In addition… what I’ve learned is that it really comes down to your personal preferences and learning style.

If you’re totally new, I recommend starting with HTML, which is quite literally a hyper text mark-up language, responsible for most, if not all, the content you see on the internet. However, if you’re more so looking for a functional language–one that stores and uses information–(which HTML is not) then perhaps you want to consider starting with JavaScript, which is easily compatible with HTML. That being said, it also depends on what you plan to do with the coding knowledge you learn. Will you use it to make your own website? Pursue a career? Or maybe it’s all for fun? Asking yourself these questions can narrow down the course options and ultimately let you choose one that you think is best fit for yourself :))

Hope this helped! :sparkles:


Codecademy has some Intro courses that go over the basics, but as the previous commenters said, it is completely dependent on what you are trying to learn. Scripting languages are very different from web development, or compiled languages. The basic concepts (variables, lists, dictionaries, etc.) is the same, so the Code Foundations course is probably a good starter course that gives you the baseline knowledge necessary to understand any programming language.

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