What's the difference?

I am now learning the responsive design in the course Learn Responsive Design: 2 Media Queries

In the first exercise, I was showed with two webpages, one with responsive and one without:

  1. Without Responsive
  2. With Responsive

However, after I checked both sites, and did as told, resize the browsers (I’m wondering if I’m not mistook the meaning of resize). In short, both seem work to me, and I failed to figure out the difference between the two pages…
So can someone tell me? (Ps:I think it should be an easy question, may be somepart in my head went wrong…)

In the responsive design, image and font sizes are set according to width of display. There may be other differences as, well. Place both pages side by side and resize each from widest to narrowest.

Oh, thanks. I got it… I do not resize them small enough…I just thought that they will display differently in the screen of my phone and in my pc…However, it not works that way though…anyway, thanks…

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