What's the difference between the «function» keyword and «const» when creating a function?

So I was doing this exercise and the first task is to use const and arrow function syntax to create a function.

Why are we not using the function keyword to create it?
I thought const or let are used to create variables. What difference does it make?

Just like any other piece of software, programming languages get updates/new versions/new releases

JavaScript got a major update in 2015 (es6), which introduced const, let and arrow function syntax.

So preferable use es6 syntax. const prevents you from accidentally re-assigning the variable.


I still do not get the full picture.

Possible to explain it in further layman terms please, with all the logic included. I think the explaination is missing small bits of information here and there and for some learners they could not piece your information into a clear picture.

Thanks in advance, appreciate.

I answered a very specific question. Which seemed to satisfy the person who asked the question

your question is so generic, I would recommend to read some documentation/guides to get the answers you need, and I am happy to clarify some specific aspect

I am not going to waste my time writing a massive explanation which could just as easily be found with a little googling.

hi there, sorry please ignore the above query. I will try to figure out. Thanks ya.