What's the difference between Python lessons (inside Computer Science Career Path) and Learn Python 3 Course?

Hi everyone!

First of all, I’m sorry if this is not the correct chat to post this (in that case, please tell me which one and I’ll change it)

I’m completely new to all this. I’m sure that I want to become a programmer and I would like to start learning Python.
My question is for codecademy’s staff and/or all the people who have joined Computer Science career path and Learn Python 3 Course: What’s the difference between them (in terms of Python lessons)?

I mean, is the Python 3 course digging more in deep or it’s the same content than in Computer Science career path?

Thanks in advance!

I think it is the reverse. The Python 3 course is an introduction to the Python core… Syntax, built-in functions, etc. The CS course includes the heavy lifters like Numpy, MatPlotLib, etc. Start with Python 3 course then you are in a better position to handle the others.


That’s what I already did. I started with Python 3, then when I have joined it, I’ll start joining CS career path.

Thank you @mtf!!


Just chiming in here: the CS Path actually uses the same beginner content as the Python 3 course, but delves more into the traditional college-course topics of data structures and algorithmic searching and sorting. The Python 3 course serves as an excellent scaffolding for a large number of courses on our platform, including those in the CS Path and the Machine Learning Path as well. Depending on your intended outcome for your learning journey, you might find starting these paths to be a better experience than taking the course as-is. If your plan is to “learn the Python programming language” then the course couldn’t be a better fit! If it involves some other long-term goals a path might be more beneficial.

Just to point out that both the path and the course share some earlier content (basics of Python) but diverge somewhat (with the course covering more language essentials and the path covering broader computer science categories later on).


Slight correction: CS sequence goes into search & sort, recursion, big-O, and data structures such as stack, queue, heap, tree and graph.
It is in the Data Science sequence that we run into NumPy, Pandas & MatPlotLib.
100% agree about starting with Python 3

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I stand corrected. Thanks. We’ve been on the outside looking in with no clear path to follow.

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Hi @timlmul and @patrickd314 ,

As I told before, I’m sure that I want to become a programmer. Googleing some info about it, I found some forums where people said that Python was a good starting because it’s an easy language. Now I’m here because as you said, it depends on my intended outcome for learning.

Ok then, my goal is to learn as much as possible, to become a programmer and someday to be able to work for my own (or for others) from my home and at my own pace.

So my new question is: Is codecademy enough to reach my goal?

Thank you everyone!!

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Is Codecademy enough to reach your goal? If your goal is to learn as much as possible, I strongly recommend you supplement Codecademy with additional resources – blog posts, documentation, videos, whatever comes your way. If you want a solid grounding in the fundamentals and an illuminated pathway of “where to go next”, I’d say Codecademy provides that quite well. It sounds like the Python course itself would be a good start, and if other path offering pique your interest afterwards you’ll be well on your way to those outcomes.

Hope this helps!

Thank you, of course it helps.
And you have helped me to have a better idea how Codecademy can help me.
Regarding additional resources (blogs, videos, etc) please, what do you recommend? Do yo know good ones?

Thanks in advance!!