What's the best way to review topics previously learned after a break from Computer Science with Python?

Hi guys.
I have came back onto Codecademy after a month as I needed to prepare for my final exams.
I have seen a lot of new changes to the CS w/ Python career path but I’m wondering what would be the best way to review previous topics that I have learned before so that I can rebuild a foundation of knowledge to tackle some of the more challenging topics?
Thank you!

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I’d almost be tempted to tip this on its head a little. I think the projects (and maybe the quizzes too) might be a good shout, as in most cases they require knowledge of the topics recently covered. You might be able to find things which you cannot properly recall a little easier that way so you can target your weakest points. Personally I much prefer targeted revision but you may have your own methods.

The syllabus page for the CS course and any available cheatsheets would provide an overview of any topics so you can view everything you might want to cover. If you can get an overview of the actual course you’re being examined on though that would probably be an ever better shout, definitely worth checking if how close it is to the cc lessons.


Hey @frank2906 , I think it depends on where you are at on your learning. I like to go back and review the projects I did to see if it “makes sense”. If there was something confusing, review the section again. Everything is well organized into sections making it easy to see if there were areas needing a review.


Thanks very much for the help, I’ll be sure to look into that!

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Thanks man, I’ll give that a try

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