What's the best price/quality ratio to develop an app?

Hi, I’m currently creating a dating app for which I’ve built a Business Plan and all the UI/UX on Adobe XD.

You can consider it works like Tinder : swiping, location, Messages, Profile Management, Filter Management…

It’s now time for me to find the best solution to develop a cross-platform app with the closest quality to native development and the lower long-term price
I don’t want to build quickly just to accumulate problems that could cost much more to solve in the future so I’m trying to figure out what’s the best structure to adopt for back-end.
I would also like to get your feedback on Xamarin, it seemed like the best option to me before a programer told me it was ■■■■… I’m basically rethinking everything and want to get a precise idea of where I’m going now

Feel free to help a lost man !

I am not sure if this is a good thing to ask here.
Most of the people here have no to very little experience in bigger projects since we are all still learning. Therefor there is a big change you don’t get the answer you are looking for or you will get a wrong answer since we don’t know the scope of the project.

I believe the best thing you can do is do research in similar projects and look at how they are build.

The platform you build in should not matter that much tho as to “accumulating problems that costs much time in the future”. This is more a result trough bad planning.

A lot of programmers are very biased on what platform is the best. This is because we all have our own experiences. So you should take this opinion as what it is. Just an opinion.
If you think Xamarin is a good fit, it might be worth giving it a try.

If you are also looking for a structure for your project you can do some research in MVC or MVVM.
These are concepts in how to create a structure for larger project that are meant to continuously build upon as time moves forward. It is heavy stuff tho so depending on your experience it might be a little early to dive into this.


Thanks a lot for your answers Biirra !
I know I still have tons of things to go through but I’ll follow your advice to begin :slight_smile:

PS: Maybe you have an idea of a more relevant forum to post this kind of questions ?

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Hey @zamboledozo, you’re asking great questions. Like, really good ones that have got me thinking, too. @Biirra is totally right about the majority of people who come here being real beginners and dabblers. But I’m thinking about where the right place for folks like you is.

I did some googling. Mostly, stories of non-technical founders seem to be popping up, less than forums specifically for your type. This likely has much to do with there being a LOT of people with ideas, and very, very few people willing and able to actually put those ideas into motion.

Here’s one inspiring story,, and this is more a high level outline of steps to take, but for asking question, your best bet may be to head to meetups. A lot of meetups. Your community may be in-person, seeking real, referencable relationships that could come in handy on your process in the next few years.

Thoughts? This is an interesting problem. :slight_smile:

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