What's the best general-purpose programming language to start with?

Dear Anyone.

I’ve done a bit of programming, Basic, Cobol and Fortran, but I don’t know much about modern programming languages. Which is the best general-purpose language to start with here? I learned BASIC because it was the most widely-used language then, I’m after the modern equivalent? I know there’s specialist ones for web design etc., I’ll get to those, I just want something general-purpose, hopefully with a free compiler (or interpreter, whichever it works with) to get me going.

Yours hopefully


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Well, it depends on what you want to build and what your end goal is.
A lot of people ask this question but there’s not really a ‘one size fits all’ response.
See this search:

Also, check out the S.O. 2021 Developer’s survey to see what’s popular, etc:

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Thanks for your super-quick response!

Will have a look there now.

Yours respectfully