Whats next?


I have taken all the major courses, and many of the hidden courses. They have taught me a lot, but I would like to advance my skills. What should do next?


~ @stevencopeland


Build something, a project. Trying to fit it altogether without any instructions is the next step.


@stetim94 I have. Many. But I would like to advance my learning. Do you have any course recommendations?


What have you build? Show me :wink:

it depends, there are some good courses on udemy, both free and paid (the paid once i usually do when they are on discount, which happens a lot)


The thing is, I don’t know that much so my projects aren’t very advanced.


contributing to other projects is also very good :slight_smile:

What languages do you know?


Python, Ruby, Javascript, Some PHP, HTML & CSS(if you count that), And a little Java.


you could django, a python web framework which i am sure will challenge you. Then use the official django documentation and maybe a free course you can find? Then you are actually implementing something

then you could add Javascript (AJAX) to your django app, with DRF (django rest framework), surely that is fun and challenging. Django also offers support for helping writing test cases, a next good step.