What's next after the Computer Science career path course?

Hi there!

I am really struggling to make a decision about what to study next after the Computer Science career path course.
I am currently in high school and I am about to go into 11th grade, and I feel that whatever I do next must have a good impression on my personal statement and college portfolio in terms of interest in coding and programming in general.
I’m making good progress with the CS career path course at the moment and I predict that I will finish it before the end of the summer.

However I feel that I have a lot of choices ahead of me and whichever one I pick I must stick with in order to get the best results. Some of these choices include:

  1. Fullstack and iOS development - Should I turn to the Fullstack Engineer and iOS developer Career Path courses, and solidify my knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and create impressive websites, apps and software for my college portfolio? I have a friend who is skilled at Fullstack and he highly recommends me to get into it, and I think it’s a great idea since we could collaborate on projects.
  2. Data Science w/ ML speciality - I’m enjoying learning about SQL and using it in databases, so I feel like I would do strongly in Data Science. As well as this the career path with the ML speciality sounds promising and I am curious to learn about ML.
  3. Continue on the related CS skill paths and courses - Some of the CS skill paths sound promising, such as learning other languages like Java, JS, and C as well as learning how to do well in technical interviews.

Please put forward your opinions, because I would really love to hear them as they might help me make a decision. Thanks!

Good on you for keeping up with learning/studying! :partying_face:

Pick something that interests you, not what you think others might want from you. Don’t get bogged down into thinking ‘what can I do to impress people?’

When you do something that really interests you, that you enjoy, it shows. If you’re excited about explaining/sharing something that you’ve built or worked on, then others will be interested in hearing about it. If it helps, think about what you want to build or create and let that guide you in your decision.

Learning is fluid and ongoing. You might pick DS & ML and then realize you want to learn more about other programming languages. You can do whatever you want.

Happy coding!

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