What's next after the C++ course?

I’m finished the C++ course and I’ve really developed a love for this language.

It’s really sad that there isn’t much left after C++, like learning about data structures and algorithms with it (similar to the CS career path with Python), or C++ applications like game development here on Codecademy.

I also want to get involved in the Programming Olympiad here in my country and most of the people who sign up work with C++, which needs a good knowledge of DSA.

Do you guys know any resources where I can learn DSA with C++, or put my C++ skills to practice? Currently I’m looking at EdX and Coursera courses but I would like to know about other websites, books, etc.

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Good to know that you’re into olympiad programming! In order to solve problems in it, you need to have basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures, maths etc. I suggest learning them here or here. Once you think that you have prepared good enough, put your skills into contest or problem in https://codeforces.com/ or https://www.topcoder.com/community/competitive-programming/. Contest Page | CodeChef is also excellent since it combines problems that are similar together that are related to DSA.
This is a good overview for you to set your path.
I wish the best for you and hope you succeed!


Great, thanks a lot for the excellent resources! I’ll be sure to have a look.

Hi joshuachoi08,
Thanks again for answering my question last December.
An update as to where I am now: I took part in my country’s programming olympiad, where I obtained a total score of 340/400 in the preliminary round. Although some of the members of my country’s IOI team scored perfect scores of 400, I was really happy with how I did considering I skimmed through the contents of some of the links you sent me, and that I only learned C++ last summer.
The finals of our national olympiad takes places tomorrow - I am working hard to get a spot in the IOI training classes where we learn much more in preparation for the contest.
But a huge thanks again for your advice; The USACO guide and Codeforces currently represents a huge part of my training.

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Wow Congrats on getting to the Finals! Hope you get a spot in your country’s IOI team. I personally am also trying to get a spot in my country’s IOI team as well.

Hope you do well, the finals took place yesterday, and although I didn’t do great I learned a lot and will have another shot next year.
Thanks again for the help!

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