What's make it soo special and famous?

hi guys , i have one simple question =
what’s make the syntax : hello world , soo special and famous ?
why it’s like everywhere and the first thing we learn ,no matter what, the proggraming language is.

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I don’t recall (or know) exactly when that phrase was first put in use but the first time I ever saw it was when learning how to use MacIntosh’s HyperCard system back in the 80s. HyperCard is where I believe we saw the introduction of Hypertext which was early in the days of the WWW adopted as the language platform for that medium. That’s where we get HTML from, if I’m correct.

It was not the first use of markup, though, as that would trace back to early word processors such as WordPerfect (F5 - Reveal Code) and MS Word (don’t remember the hot keys for that one). We saw it in the book as,

<p>Hello World</p>

being the markup of a paragraph. You could spend the morning doing a diligent search of the history of markup in general whereby you may find a more accurate date of first introduction and how it was presented in the instruction manual.


is there any chance that you recall the name of the book(s).

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It would have been the HyperCard manual, as best I recall.

History of hypertext - Wikipedia.

It goes waaaay back to 1963. I was around then, too, but in grade 3 so would not have been aware of it. What can see is that HyperText was closely related to information management and dissemination. You’ll have to do some more digging for an answer to your question.