What's going on behind the scenes?


Hey folks,

Is there a way to see what scripts are being used to check our code when we hit “Run”? I’m worried that I’ve been given a passing grade on some of the exercises because my code has managed to cheat the check. I’ve read on these forums that some other users have experience similar concerns, and for good reason.

If I can understand how it’s testing me, I feel like I can better prevent a ‘cheater’s pass’.



Strings and Console Output



The test script, or SCT (Submission Correctness Test) is written by the course author, and is veritably non-exhaustive, favoring a limited pattern or value match. If we fly in under the radar that may come as a surprise, at first. But write enough favorable code, and it may happen more than once.

There is a measure of maturity expected at some point. A mature learner will not be satisfied easily with the outcome, and that lends itself to further inspection. This in turn lends itself to further review of documentation, which leads farther yet to usage in the broad spectrum. Only the apt pupil will arrive at this stage.


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