What's a good HTML programming site?


I want to know what I should use to program my HTML projects. Does anyone have a good idea as to what I should do?


I would advise Notepad++
Its a free editor and it looks like notepad. You wont be getting all the confusing stuff that you probably wont need for a html project.

Save the file as .html before starting and it will give you the color’s and stuff. It also recognizes css and javascript if it is in the right tags.

This is what i normally use when i test small things.

If you are making a big project where you would need a tree view you would need something else tho.


Online, JSfiddle.net is quite neat to test out new ideas!

I wouldn’t recommend it for a larger website project though, as you’d likely want to set up a programming environment that allows you to store multiple documents, like different pages on your site. As biirra mentions, Notepad++ is a great barebones editor for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you also want features that will help when developing larger projects, like viewing documents via localhost in a browser and getting a good overview of your project, I would recommend Brackets or Atom. Both are free, open source, and available for macOS/OSX, Windows, and Linux. :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy programming!


You can use text editors like notepad in this case save your file as .html, code editors like atom or visual studio in this case the same (save your file as .html), both ways you need to find a web hosting site and upload it there or you can code online on sites like
which will automatically be online and can be found on google